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Working Cow Homemade Ice Cream
"There's Love In Every Scoop!"

working cow freezerWorking Cow Homemade Ice Cream has been in the business of manufacturing super premium ice cream since 1993. Our business model for the last twenty years has been wholesale distribution to ice cream parlors, restaurants, institutions, local fairs, etc. Over the years, you have asked us to offer our ice cream direct, and because of your overwhelming support through our wholesale partners we can finally offer our ice cream shipped in one quart containers and three gallon tubs shipped throughout the continental United States. Please click on shipping information for more details.

We are proud of the fact that we make our ice cream locally in Florida using Florida dairies, and ingredients grown here in Florida whenever possible. We are also proud of the fact that all of the dairy we use contains no hormones or high fructose corn syrup. Our goal is and will always be to provide you with the freshest, best quality ice cream available.

The employees and families of Working Cow thank you for your patronage, and support, and we promise you that we will never sacrifice our quality for bottom line profits. While our prices may fluctuate due to market conditions, we will also pass along any savings that we are able to gain due to economies of scale from your continued support.

Please enjoy your ice cream and know that “there’s love in every scoop”.
~ Working Cow