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We are a Florida based family owned company who hand blends more than 100 flavors creating super premium homemade gourmet ice creams, frozen yogurts, no sugar added ice creams, sherbets, and fruity Italian Ices. Home delivery customers can choose from over 20 readily available flavors that we can ship Monday through Thursday. We are one of the only remaining companies in the United States that still utilize batch freezers, quality ingredients from sustainable farmers across the lands, Florida's finest dairy with no bovine growth hormone or high fructose corn syrup in our mix. The result is old-fashioned homemade taste that brings back memories and will make memories with the family for years to come. We would like to earn your business and fulfill your ice cream and frozen treat needs. Place your order online or give our herd a call today (727) 572-7251. Thank you, and remember, "There's love in every scoop"